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Steam (2023)
Meta Quest (Soon)

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Echo Wars is a driving shooter that can optionally be played in cooperative multiplayer, where players take on the role of the Echo brothers, two retired cyber soldiers, and relive their adventures aboard a futuristic combat buggy.

Echo Wars is designed to take full advantage of Virtual Reality displays, but it can also be enjoyed on regular screens, ultra-panoramic screens, and Steam Deck as well.

In each level, the Echo brothers reminisce about their past missions as elite imperial officers, and their tendency to exaggerate and brag about their feats allows the player to choose how specific phrases of the interactive script end, with surprising and hilarious results.

The narrative leads to first-person action-packed levels, where we will be driving with one hand while shooting with the other in breathtaking gameplay, suitable for all players thanks to the three difficulty levels available.


The Echo brothers, two retired cybernetic clone troopers, veterans of a thousand and one galactic conflicts, enjoy their well-deserved retirement and the company of Meghan, their adorable enginurse, with whom they reminisce about their crazy and frenetic adventures of the past. But little do the old cyborgs suspect that their days of action are not over yet…

Meghan seems to be suspiciously interested in these core memories. We soon find out that the enginurse is forcing the Echo brothers to remember their past exploits to unlock one by one the pieces of a great puzzle that takes shape as the game progresses.


  • Optional cross-platform cooperative multiplayer.
  • Innovative anti-rotation system to prevent motion sickness. Finally, a VR driving game that won´t make you dizzy.
  • Supports steering wheels with FFB and motion platforms (exclusive for PC).
  • VR gameplay with optional support for traditional flat screens, including ultra-wide screens and a perfect porting for Steam Deck.
  • New game mechanic: Drive with one hand and shoot with the other.
  • Original story mode filled with humour. Turn the characters´ memories into a playable reality.
  • 18 levels and more than 100 missions to complete and 3 levels of difficulty to choose.
  • Original Soundtrack composed by Ricardo Fermín.


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